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How Rich Media Enhances Your Marketing

Rich media lends itself to extreme flexibility — allowing content to float, play, and expand while a user interacts with a landing page. Its evolution has presented advertisers a wealth of new opportunities for personalization and interactivity. Not to mention that they are incredibly effective and profitable, offering up greater performance and return on investment than traditional ad forms.


From a pure aesthetic standpoint, it’s no question that rich media ads outperform traditional banner and display ads — they are incredibly pleasing to look at. Combine that with increased profits, compatibility with more platforms and devices, and the wealth of ways you can track success, you can see how it’s a helpful asset in any marketer’s toolbox.

Here are some of the top benefits:

  • Increased ROI & Website Traffic: Rich media ads help marketers cut through so-called banner blindness, which is when a user unconsciously ignores a banner advertisement display on a webpage.
  • Accelerate The Customer Journey: Rich media helps nurture prospects through your sales pipeline. With media that expands, floats, and changes upon user triggers, it encourages consumers to take actions that will lead them to future stages in the buyer journey — and eventually, to the point of purchase.
  • Mobile Compatibility: Mobile and tablet devices offer lots of native functionality unique to them. Unlike their desktop and print equivalents, mobile ads are touchable. The touchscreen nature of mobile devices allows consumers to move faster through the sales pipeline toward making a transaction. Thus, creatives have more opportunities to prompt users to interact physically with tilts, taps, swipes, shakes, and pinches.
  • High Interaction Rate: With functions like video, motion elements, and other engaging features, potential customers can interact in many ways with ads. In addition, rich media banners exhibit much higher click rates and visibility than those of standard banner advertisements.
  • Opportunity For Creativity: The seemingly endless types of rich media give marketers the creative flexibility to deliver ads in innovative ways. Some ads are so effective, consumers don’t even perceive them as ads.
  • Trackability: Advanced technology allows marketers to track the various levels of engagement and interaction. You can collect participation data, data on video playback, interaction rates, dwell times, and more valuable metrics.
  • Video Integration: Shoppable videos, 360-degree viewing, and other advanced video formats can be integrated into rich media ads.

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